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Our Data Center Techs are onsite at a moment’s notice managing your systems at Data Centers across the globe

Optora is your full service Data Center engineering and technical services solution.

We help you keep your systems running and constantly optimized by performing every bit of maintenance, installation, and strategic implementation that goes in to your most important technical spaces. 

We handle all your onsite, Data Center, and IT support. And we do it wherever you are, across the globe.

At Optora, we believe in one simple thing: operational excellence. We know that being able to rely on your IT infrastructure is absolutely vital to keep your business running, and we’re really good at doing just that. Operating in 7 countries and over 20 Data Centers across the globe, we have seamlessly installed more than 8000 servers, and continue to actively manage well over 5000.

Our Services

Remote hands support

Let’s face it, Data Center Remote Hands aren’t always the best choice – they’re slow, poorly trained, four times more expensive, and stuck to a single Data Center. We’ve been doing this for a long time. And we only work with highly competent professionals that can move to the places you need us. Ready to see how we’re different?

Smart Hands

It’s great to have highly skilled Remote Hands, sure, but we can do one better – let us make the calls for you. After we build a support plan together, you won’t need to be involved in the day to day decisions to keep your systems running. We deploy on the plan and constantly evaluate for improvements. Want to find out how our smart hands will simplify your workload?

Infrastructure Managment

We take a holistic approach to infrastructure management. So it’s vital that your team and ours are on the same page before we handle your systems. That’s why we’ve implemented a highly structured operation so we can build a plan, coordinate with you, and carry it out, quickly and worry free.

Fiber Optics

More often than you might realize, fiber optics in Data Centers are improperly installed and poorly maintained. This can result in fiber link faults that create a wide range of errors and cost you money. With years of experience and the right equipment at our disposal, there is no one in the industry better at fiber optic installation, repair, certification, or troubleshooting than we are.

Our Mission

Our singular focus is to unshackle business. With Optora, companies are free to leave their most difficult, complicated, and time consuming data center management to us, the engineers. You build your business. We’ll deal with the IT. So your team can move faster, easier and lighter.

We only work with the most highly qualified people in the world. Period. Our engineers are painstakingly selected, vetted, and trained to ensure the safest, most effective relationship between our team and your technology. With nearly 60 years of combined experience in the field and with our clients, you’re in safe, reliable, fast, and effective hands wherever you are, across the world.


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