Unlocking Network Excellence with Optora's Fiber Optics Services

Optora excels in efficiently managing thousands of RMAs annually. Mishandling equipment movements can easily evolve into a costly and time-consuming ordeal, but Optora possesses the knowledge and experience to adeptly oversee the shipping and receiving of your equipment, ensuring timely RMA closures.

Choosing Optora

Elevate Your Network Experience with Confidence

Choosing Optora means choosing a partner that combines global resources with local precision, ensures swift on-site assistance, and tailors solutions to your individual needs. Our commitment is to empower your business to thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Courier and Data Centre Neutrality

Real-Time Shipment Tracking

End-to-End RMA Management

Periodic RMA Reports

Streamlined Logistics

As your business expands globally and assets move across the world, maintaining strong visibility over your inventory is paramount. Equipment can sometimes get lost amidst these movements, leading to potential cost increases.

Optora is here to help you maintain full control over your remote assets, offering comprehensive inventory management solutions.

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Ready to elevate your network experience with Optora?

Ready to elevate your network experience with Optora? Contact us today to discover how our global-local advantage, swift on-site support, and tailored flexibility can transform your network solutions. Let’s get started on enhancing your network performance and security now!

Our Inventory Management Services Include

Optora’s commitment to efficient logistics and inventory management empowers your business to thrive and grow without the worry of lost or mismanaged equipment. We ensure that your assets are accounted for, properly maintained, and shipped seamlessly, making us your trusted partner in streamlined operations.

Ongoing Inventory Management

We provide continuous oversight of your inventory, ensuring it's always up to date and in your control.

Preventive Health Checks

Regular checks on your equipment prevent potential issues and ensure optimal performance.

Detailed Periodic Reports

Stay informed with our detailed reports, which offer insights into the status of your assets.

Audit of Live or Spare Assets

Our audits cover both live and spare assets, providing a clear overview of your inventory.

24/7 Secured Storage

Optora provides secure, around-the-clock storage to safeguard your valuable assets.

Equipment Labeling

Optora labels equipment for easy identification and tracking


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